Thursday, June 19, 2014

And the winner is...

Yellow! (if you follow me on instagram, you already knew this... but just go with the excitement people)

Our new front door has been painted yellow and I love it. Of course I couldn't stop there... so I had to paint the entry door to the garage as well... that one turned out in a light blue. I liked the blue so much- I will be painting the door that leads to the back yard (also from the garage) that color as well.

Why didn't you make them match? I've been asked about a dozen times now....

Because, I am me and I didn't want them to match. Plus D was on board with the two door colors so I can't complain. One yellow door is great... 2 yellow doors seems like overkill. Plus this was the perfect way for me to get two colors I wanted.

Of course I am sorta contemplating my wreath choice, but for now that one will do.

Paint Choices for Reference:
Yellow: Pantone Solar Power (Valspar)
Blue: Behr French Court

Now we just need to take care of those monstrous bushes (and a driveway) so you can actually see the house and we'll be all set... Anyone want to call "Curb Appeal" for me? :)

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