Wednesday, May 21, 2014

You know what's frustrating...

Shopping for a wedding dress. I have been searching for a dress I have fallen in love with in the Mori Lee line by Madeline Gardner. I have now called and emailed almost every bridal store that carries Mori Lee in the state of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Connecticut.

I am not done with the other New England states yet, but seems sort of ridiculous to travel to say Maine for a dress... but hey... people travel from all over the country to be on TLC's Say Yes to the Dress at Kleinfelds. Of course most of those people are spending my entire wedding budget and possibly more on just the dress... so I really can't compare.

I am frustrated.

I have found the dress online, but will not buy a dress with out trying it on. It's too much of an investment to leave it to chance.

I have found a few other dresses but am hesitant to purchase until I try on the one I have been chasing for a few months now. And what's worse is that there is no contact information on the companies website for me to even ask a question. And... to be fair... the style dress I am looking for seems to be harder to come by than anticipated.

Is it because it's a style brides in my area don't like? Am I being a weirdo?

Is it because that particular designer is not popular enough in my area?

Is it a sign that I shouldn't be bothered with this dress?

If I do ever find it... will I hate it in person?


PS- for the sake of keeping my dress a secret to D... I did not post the style number and or picture. Sorry for the boring post with no imagery... just had to vent for a minute.

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