Friday, April 18, 2014

I see a blue door and I wanna paint it...

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted a red door. And yes... every time I think of a red door (or see a red door for that matter) I sing the "Paint it Black" song. The punk rock roots in me sing the Face to Face version instead of the original Rolling Stones version, but you get the idea. Babble, babble... C'mon get to the doors already!

As I was getting my mail one day, I decided my door needed a facelift. The door was in need of coat of paint anyway... why not make it more inviting- and less like a black hole? That night I told D I wanted to paint the door a bright color. He wasn't on board.... yet. I took some pictures, then created some photoshop overlays to see what it would look like. Here is what I came up with... :: Door Refresh
The original door perfectly matches the shutters...
Gold Door ::
Gold/Mustard Door
Red Door ::
Red Door
Yellow Door
Avocado Green Door ::
Avocado Door
Bright Blue Door ::
Bright Blue Door
Navy Blue Door ::
Navy Door (or similar to current door)
I toyed with the idea of an orangey-red door, but it didn't look quite right... So what do you think? Anyone have any thoughts on what color our door should be? As much as I love the red door idea, it might be a little to patriotic for me with our blue shutters...

Hoping to get the door painted in the next week or so. Check one more thing off my list :) Once I showed D the options, he could see what I was talking about... more of a visual "oh I get it" moment.

Please note: These colors aren't exact, they were just mixed via Photoshop. I will actually need to go get some paint samples at some point.

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