Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My very own COZYmade wreath...

handmade wreaths by COZYmade :: foxwithglasses.blogspot.com

So for the amount of time I have been making yarn wreaths... I have never had a full size one to call my own. Weird huh? I never really had a front door of my own in the amount of time since I began COZYmade.

For those of you who know me... know that all the pictures I take for the COZYmade shop were taken on the door of D's condo. The few that we're taken on a white door were taken at my mother's house. Of course at the time, I lived there... so technically I could say it was my door, but didn't feel like mine.

I just unpacked all of my COZYmade inventory to get ready to list into the shop, and realized I didn't have a wreath of my own. I am happy to state that I now have my very own wreath on my very own front door. Sure... our front door needs a coat of paint, but I couldn't resist putting a wreath up there in the meantime. 

handmade wreath by COZYmade :: foxwithglasses.blogspot.com

I am also happy to report (in case I haven't shared yet...) that we officially have a doorbell. And it plays all sorts of fun music. Clearly we needed the one with options- yet set it to the most boring "ding dong" there was. But next time you visit me and it's your birthday... be ready for a "happy birthday" doorbell greeting!

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