Monday, November 3, 2014

Blogger Burnout - Who Knew?

Let's face it people. If you are even reading my blog, you well know that I am no blogger. In fact, I wouldn't even consider myself one. I wasn't sure where this blog was going or what I am doing, but every once in a while I get the urge to share or post about something and this is one of those times.

But I, like many others read blogs on a weekly basis. My feedly is full of blogs (more than I really have time to read). Which I think is common to a lot of us. Every now and then as my interests change I weed out the blogs I no longer pay attention to and add in blogs that I have recently discovered, but it seems as though the blog world is changing.

I slowly started to notice that certain blogs aggravate me more than inspire me, yet they are like crack and I continue to read. I also noticed blogs I was still excited to read started spacing out posts or became light on content. Others became completely corporate feeling. And some blogs just all together disappeared. Some with out notice, some with a goodbye post to readers. It happens. I was not however expecting a "goodbye for now" post from one of my favorite blogs Young House Love.  It was a sad day to read of John & Sherry's break from the blog world. You can read their post here.

What I loved about their blog was that it seemed real. I don't know these people... yet for what ever reason their posts seemed inspiring and positive. Like.. "hey I could do that" or "that's a project I can afford" and of course the occasional "why didn't I think of that". I got excited to learn when good news happened to them- like their line at Target or Shades of Light. To me, reading those posts seemed like awesome new adventures happening to normal people, not bloggers selling out.

I'm not naive. I realize they were professional bloggers and this was how they were making a living, but it still seemed genuine to me. Other blogs I read that are starting to feel fake, and I didn't get that with Young House Love. I'm not saying they are the only blog I read that seemed genuine... but you get the idea.

There are so many people out there that rely on blog content for so many reasons — a quick DIY, a recipe for dinner, a fashion post. Most people don't think about the behind the scenes. Not even sure how I stumbled onto this post which lead me to this article in the NY times about blogger burnout but I found both interesting and good reads for anyone who takes the free content bloggers provide us for granted. So I thought I would share.

I get it. The people who think blogging is easy are the same people who don't understand why handmade items cost so much. It's the time and the energy that it takes that people don't understand.

It could be where I am in life, it could be I am getting bored of the internet, it could be a lot of things but I really do hope that John & Sherry return in some shape or form. I wish them the best in taking a break and focusing on their family.

And on that note... Here are a few links I feel for one reason or another are worth showing some love.

Blogs Worth Reading:
Pugly Pixel - great resource on all things web design
Design is Yay! - blog of illustrator/designer Wita Puspita
Almost Makes Perfect - stumbled on this one recently, still getting to know it.
This Little Street - a blog about life with great tutorial links
The Alison Show - as genuine as it gets. this girl has awesome ideas.
Making It - the blog behind "these are things" an illustration studio
The Crafted Sparrow - mainly focus on easy craft projects for the home
Oh Sweet Joy - lifestyle blog with a little of everything (DIY, fashion, home etc)
And then we Saved - super helpful, easy to read blog on saving money (we all can relate)
Eat Drink Chic - lifestyle blog with focus on party and entertaining
Skunkboy Blog - lifestyle blog I somehow got totally addicted to.

Handmade worth buying:

Remixed by Jacki

Winsome Easel

The Fox in the Attic

The Citizens Collectibles

Hope Johnson Ceramics

Cotuit Bay Knitter

Sarah Waterhouse

Dotty Dictionary

Jill Makes

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