Friday, March 7, 2014


So, I am kicking myself for not writing more posts lately. I keep thinking of great things to write, and have yet to have the time and sit down to write them. It's just one of those times where life is hectic....

Here is a short status update:

New Job: Crazy. Completely out of my comfort zone, doing new things, working crazy hours, commuting to New York.

New House: Crazy. D is about 2 carloads away from being completely moved in. But our living room is a complete disaster because it was more of a "just get it here, then we will deal with it" sort of move. We've both been so busy with work, its hard to find time when you don't want to just crawl into bed to do things. We have 3 rooms painted, and two more to go (plus some trim touchups)... We're basically living in the bedroom since it's the closest room to being done, besides my office where I spend all day sitting in a giant mess :)

Wedding: Tons and Tons of ideas.... no official plans yet. The original thought of having a Fall 2014 wedding has passed us. With everything else going on, it was going to be a long shot anyway. Right now we're aiming for Spring 2015... but no date has been set.

For now, thats what I have. I hope to have some house updates soon.

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