Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Staying Organized: Yarn, Yarn and more Yarn...

Yarn Storage :: foxwithglasses.blogspot.com
If you follow me on instagram (if you don't you should...)- you know that my living room has no space for living right now. It was basically the dumping ground for when we moved in. As we started to put things away, I was beginning to think that it wasn't that bad... mostly D's massive drum collection. But as he started to put his drums away... I noticed all my craft bins hiding underneath them.

Man I have a lot of stuff. 

Right now, the office/studio space in my home is full of bins. If you remember, the office I use to work in closed, and I basically didn't know what I wanted to keep from my cube, so I packed up everything I thought I might want and moved it home. The majority of the bins in my office are not craft stuff... so I should have known it was hiding elsewhere :)

I knew I wanted to find a storage solution for my yarn, because prior to now, I never knew what I had and was always digging. If I was impatient, I would just go buy the color I needed... (which is why I now have so much of certain colors). I thought I wanted the Expedit shelving unit from Ikea...

Expedit Shelf from Ikea :: Yarn Storage :: foxwithglasses.blogspot.com

I knew I didn't want something tall, and this seemed perfect. Until I measured the space where I wanted to put it and it was just a little too big. Sigh... on to the next idea.

I figured I would end up with those cube storage units from Target or Walmart, but was hesitant because they seemed so un-sturdy and the cube area seemed so small. I started browsing on Target.com and discovered this guy:

The Threshold 6 cube Organizer was the perfect solution. The height was the same and it was almost the same depth as the Ikea one, but it wasn't as long which is exactly what I was looking for. I ordered it (along with an entry way table which I am in love with and will tell you about later...) and when it arrived, I actually was excited to put it together and stuff it full of yarn. The result? 

Yarn Storage :: foxwithglasses.blogspot.com

Excellent. I fit 3 full sized storage bins of yarn into this amazing little shelf. The unit was deep enough to fit 2 skeins deep on each shelf (so 24 full skeins in each cube)... of the "Lion Brand Thick & Quick" yarn. The longer skeins, I could only fit one deep, but since I didn't have too many of those, I wasn't worried. Please don't do the math as to how many I fit in here, or you may want to call Hoarders. It actually scared me a little.

So 3 more bins down, about a million more to go. We did have a productive weekend though, more on that a little later.

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