Wednesday, October 23, 2013

CRAFTY: Decorating Pumpkins... Hipster Style

Hipster Pumpkins- doodle with Sharpies :: Fox with Glasses ::

So as I had mentioned in my previous post... it was game time this weekend. Not only did we watch the Red Sox win the ALCS to go on to the World Series... but there was also Bruins, and Patriots to watch this weekend as well. Of course I will always support my Boston teams... but I am not a fan that can sit and watch without a project. Enter tiny white pumpkins...

I had seen these at Trader Joe's and had to have them. They we're screaming "decorate me" in the store. I purchased a handful of the mini white gourds as well as a few tiger pumpkins (which I later decided we're cute on their own and needed no embellishments.)

Decorating pumpkins with Sharpies :: Fox with Glasses ::

Paint seemed like it would be a big ordeal to pull out. So I decided to go with Sharpies. I had just got a brand new set of Neon Sharpies that I had wanted to try out. Once I gathered all my supplies, I settled on the floor by the couch (yes, just like a little kid starting a project) and began to doodle.

Not really that surprising... the neon sharpies were a little too light to show up very well on the pumpkins. I then recruited my set of classic sharpies and a few of the metallics I had. The results came out quite pleasing to me. Plus this was a fun experience and kept me 100% occupied during the games.

Doodle Pumpkins :: Fox with Glasses ::
What did you do with your pumpkins this year? I'd love to see! Leave a comment with a link to your pumpkin project or send me a note.

DISCLAIMER: I have learned that when you buy organic pumpkins... you should take pictures of them as soon as possible! It is semi apparent in my photos that my pumpkins began to turn yellow. It's my own fault for waiting days before taking pictures (and also taking pictures with my cell phone...). Sometimes I'm lazy. We all are...

hipster pumpkins :: Fox with Glasses ::

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